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"Not just best tuk-tuk driver in Cambodia but also best tour guide around!" October 5, 2015 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 100 reviews of Kimhean Tuk Tuk Driver -Private Day Tours

Dear all valued visitors! 
Let me introduce myself first. My name is Kim Hean – but you can call me Kim (short for “Mr Kim or Kim”) - and I am one of Cambodian’s finest tuk-tuk drivers (honestly!). I've lived in Siem Reapfor 25 years since I was 14 years old (the town close to the Angkor temples - and probably the town you will be staying in for your visit). I therefore know this area very well. And I can speak good English (and Cambodian, of course).

I have been a tuk-tuk driver for 1 year and in that time have done hundreds of tours to Angkor Wat and the surrounding Angkor temples. There are over 65 temples big and small) and monuments from the Angkor period (covering 3000 square kilometres) around Siem Reap. Luckily a number of the best ones are reasonably close together, meaning you can see anywhere between 5-15 of these over a period of  1, 2 or 3 days (or even longer, if you have long holiday) with the help of some transport.

I organize the trips to suit your schedule and interests, but everyone does the highlight of this area – a trip to Angkor Wat, the most famous and impressive temple here (and possibly worldwide). A day-trip to this temple and the surrounding ones will give you a great introduction to the amazing architecture and culture that flourished in this country between the 9th and 14th centuries AD

Feature Packages

1 Day By Tuk Tuk

2 Days By Tuk Tuk

3 Days By Tuk Tuk

Feature all the temples located in the small tour circuit,  Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm..Visit not just in Angkor Wat complex but there is a 37 km temple from Siem Reap which is called Banteay Srey ..Temples and the real life of Cambodian. Discover all most everything.

Visit Kulen Mountain

Wat ( Pagoda Visit )

Visit Ton Le Sap Lake

A huge plateau on the northeast of Siem Reap town approximately 50 kilometers. It was one of the most important sites during the Angkor period.Buddhist pagodas are the traditional seat of Khmer culture. Siem Reap, like many Cambodian towns, is a collection of villages, which grew around individual pagodas, later coalescing into the town. To get a true feel for Cambodia, a visit to at least one pagoda is a must.The Floating Village on the Great Lake of Cambodia to see people.This is not just only the sightseeing of the lake , it is more about the real life of Cambodia.

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Transportation Services 

  Transport By Tuk Tuk

 TukTuk (Around Angkor Area)

 1-3 people


 $ 15/per day

 (All Price not Included Ticket) 

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 TukTuk (Angkor Area $15 + Banteay Srey $10 + Kbal Spean $7)   

 $ 32/per day

 TukTuk (Beng Mealea) 

 $ 42/per day

 Transport By Car 

Car (Around Angkor Area)

 1-4 people


  $ 30/per day

 Car (Angkor Area $30 + Banteay Srey $10 + Kbal Spean $5)

 $ 40/per day

 Car (Beng Mealea $55 + Koh Ker + $45) 

 $ 105/per day

  car(phnom kulen+Banteay srei) ($55)

Car (Preah Vihea + Alongveng) 

 $ 130/per day

 Transport By Van  

Van (Around Angkor Area)

 5-12 people


  $ 30/per day

 Van (Angkor Area $30 + Banteay Srey $10 + Kbal Spean $5) 

 $ 45/per day

Van (Beng Mealea $70 + Koh Ker + $70)         

 $ 140/per day

Van (Preah Vihea + Alongveng)

 $ 160/per day




 Types of vehicle Per Day
 Airport Pick Up or Drop Off
 Tuk Tuk (Reumork) 15$USD 5$USD
 4-seat Car (Toyota Camery) 25$USD 7$USD
 8 to 15-seat Van (Toyota or merzerdes) 28$USD 10$USD
 17 to 22-seat Mini Bus 80$USD 20$USD
 SUV (Honda CRV or Mitsubishi Pajero) 35$USD 15$USD
 4-WD (Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX470) 70$USD 20$USD

***Due to the long distances from Siem Reap, which may require traveling from early morning untill very late at night, please see the additional rates for driving to the following locations:                            

 Extra Rate to Per Day Rate


 Car Van Mini Bus  SUV  4-WD
 Sunrise Tours (Starting before sunrise) 5$USD 7$USD 10$USD 20$USD 10$USD  15$USD
 Banteay Srey 10$USD 10$USD 15$USD 20$USD 15$USD 25$USD
 Kbal Spean 10$USD 15$USD 20$USD 35$USD 20$USD 35$USD
 Kulen Mountain  40$USD 45$USD 50$USD 45$USD 55$USD
 Beng Melea 20$USD 40$USD 45$USD 50$USD 45$USD 55$USD
 Koh Ker Group  80$USD 85$USD 90$USD 85$USD 95$USD

*** All kinds of transportation rates include the cost of fuel, parking tolls, driver fees and free cool waters and towels.
*** To ensure your satisfaction, tour guides and/or drivers are only paid at the end of your tour with us.